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  About the Two Step Method

Welcome to the Two Step Method for improving your SBIR/STTR grant application writing skills and priority scores.

In the First Step, you will discover the key ingredients of SBIR/STTR grant application writing success and how to add these ingredients to your SBIR/STTR grant applications. This information is found in the E-Book: High Level SBIR/STTR Grant Application Writing Techniques .

In the Second Step, I will help you to write and fine tune your actual application before submission. Having applied the concepts learned in the First Step and under my guidance, you will write your SBIR/STTR grant application SBIR/STTR Preparation . Your application will receive an NIH quality review, critique, and interactive feedback session as part of this writing process. In all, this Two Step Method can help you to fine tune your SBIR/STTR grant application to the best of your ability, maximizing your chances of receiving funding.

This Two Step Method is like getting a free round of grant review. It can save you months of time by putting your application into the competitive range on your next submission.

Call 203-980-3905 or email me through this website if you have any questions.

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