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  About the SBIR/STTR E-Book

This E-Book will show you how to write effective SBIR/STTR grant applications.

You will learn what the two key ingredients are for successful SBIR/STTR grant applications and how to always include these key ingredients.

You will learn what reviewers expect to see and how they are told to evaluate the information they find.

You will learn what information to put where in your SBIR/STTR grant application. While the application instructions tell you what to put where on the most basic level, what are the reviewers looking for at a higher level? You can benefit greatly from giving the reviewers what they expect where they expect it to be. You will learn this information, which can make the difference between a competitive and non-competitive application.

You will learn the little known Do's and Don’ts of SBIR/STTR grant writing that have made the difference between “scored” and “unscored” applications time and again.

To the best of my knowledge, you will not find this wealth of key SBIR/STTR grant writing knowledge anywhere else.

Studying this E-Book and applying its lessons constitutes the First Step in a Two Step process that you can use to become a better SBIR/STTR grant application writer. The second step is the SBIR/STTR Preparation service.

Click on this link if you would like to learn more about this E-Book and how to purchase it.

Email me to order this book. It costs $59. If you are not satisfied with the contents of this book, I will refund your money.

Call 203-980-3905 or email me through this website if you have any questions.

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