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  Some Useful Links and Tips

Here is a great resource: click here.

Here is another great resource: click here. This is an important link that takes you to CSR (the NIH Institute at which the vast majority of proposals are reviewed). This will lead you to a lot of key information. If you would like your application to go to a specific Study Section, then use the description of what that Study Section covers to help you write your Project Description and Cover Letter. Click here to go to Study Section Descriptions. Now click on the IRG name(s) and the associated Study Sections will show up. SBIR/STTR specific Special Emphasis Panels are usually at the bottom. Stick with these when possible.

These are the descriptions that are used by Receipt and Referral when your application is assigned to a specific Study Section. The Project Description will have far more weight than the Cover letter. Just be sure that you do not weaken your application when you do this! If done right, you will always get reviewed exactly where you want to.

Here is another site that gives a lot of SBIR/STTR related information: More SBIR resources.

This is a great SBIR resource for understanding how your proposal will be reviewed: Peer Review Process.

Call 203-980-3905 or email me through this website if you have any questions.

You will find many sites offering to help you for a fee. This site is one of them. Some of the sites are not worth much, but others are clearly of value. Almost everyone needs an outside objective "eye of experience" to help them maximize their funding success. Most do not get it and their funding rate is lower than it has to be.

The help you get through a reliable site is a bargain compared to not getting funded. Choose the site you feel most comfortable with. Call and talk to the person with whom you would work, see what kind of a feeling you get. In the end it is a personal choice for you to make.

The quality of the work should be the deciding factor. You can get a lot of free guidance from the NIH, which will help you get started on the basics. NIH provides excellent help for getting started. However, when you want to fine tune your applications to maximize your chances of getting funding, then you really have to go to an outside source.

Good luck with your application.

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