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  New to SBIR-STTR Applications?

New to the SBIR-STTR grant application process?

If you have an intrinsically meritorious idea, research plan, and the experience to execute the research plan, then I can help you to succeed by providing guidance on writing and submitting your application. Call for a free consultation. I will vet your project in terms of its SBIR/STTR related merits. This phone call could save you a lot of time. Most projects are excellent business ventures, but many are simply never going to raise SBIR/STTR funds. Call and I will tell you why, or read my blog entries on this subject—these entries have more useful information on writing a winning SBIR than you will likely ever get from 90% of the SBIR sites on the web. Read them and decide for yourself.

Call 203-980-3905 or email me through this website if you have any questions.


Here is what I have found the be the best overall SBIR-STTR site: click here.

Here is the second best site, from my point of view: click here.

Now let's get down to brass tacks: Here are the steps that you must take to submit an SBIR or STTR application for the first time:

(0) Useful Overview

(1) Register with the government Registration Info

(2) Register with the NIH: eRA Commons Registration Info

(3) Deciding on where to apply for funding Search for Funding Opportunities. Use the Advanced Search tool. Enter key words for your project. About six rows down, find "Activity Codes" and enter R41 (STTRs) or R43 (SBIRs).

(4) Downloading your application Download application package. Ignore PureEdge Viewer. It is no longer used. In the Funding Opportunity Number box, enter: PA-11-096. This is the grants package for general SBIR/STTR submissions. If you are responding to a specific PA, then use that PA number. After downloading, scroll to the bottom of the file and read the instructions. Call me if you have questions. 203-980-3905.

(5) Filling out your application Instructions

(6) Writing the body of your grant Writing your Application or go the a Sample Application.

(7) Choosing a Study Section or Special Emphasis Panel: Search or Browse. Use the search function or scroll down and explore manually.

(8) Submitting your grant application Submit .

I would encourage you to go to these sites first. If you would then like some professional guidance, please email me or call me at 203-980-3905.

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