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Welcome to this SBIR consulting site. I provide reviewing, editing, writing, and consulting services that will greatly improve your SBIR or STTR grant applications. I also provide general consulting for almost every aspect of your biotechnology, medical device, or software start-up.

As an SBIR consultant, I have helped obtain about $120 million in funding for companies over the past seven years. I accept about 30% of potential clients who contact me about my SBIR or STTR consulting services.

The other 70% of potential clients have good ideas, but those ideas will almost certainly not receive SBIR funding because the projects are not the type that usually receive such funding. Because they have little to no chance of success in the SBIR arena, I do not take on those projects. Instead, I suggest alternative routes for funding. There is no charge for this free consultation that vets your SBIR ideas. 203-980-3905.

My SBIR consultant Fee Structure: Pay about 30% of my consultant fee upfront and 70% of my consultant fee after the work is complete and you are convinced that you have received a great value for your money. If you are not convinced that I have earned my fee, then you do not have to pay any additional fee and I will refund your initial 30%.

Call 203-980-3905 or email me through this website if you have any questions.

Short Intro

SBIR and STTR grant applications are highly competitive, with only about 15% of submitted applications being funded. This puts SBIR/STTR Phase I and Fast Track grant applications in the same ballpark as the highly competitive RO1 applications.

While you probably know that the competition for SBIR and STTR grant funding is fierce, do you also know that the #1 determinant for priority scores (i.e., funding) is how the SBIR/STTR grant applications are written? Naturally, this statement assumes that you have a fundable idea, methods, and expertise. If you are not sure that you have the right idea, methods, and expertise, give me a call (203-980-3905) and I will help you vet your project at no cost.

You can now benefit from the knowledge that writing is the #1 factor in obtaining SBIR and STTR grant funding because:

SBIR/STTR grant application writing is not an art; it is a learned skill.

Many people who are directly involved in the review process note that the best science and the best potential products are often not being recognized because only a few SBIR/STTR grant applicants get their great ideas across to most reviewers in a highly effective manner.

Nearly every SBIR/STTR grant application can receive a better priority score with the help of an experienced SBIR consultant. This significant improvement could easily make the difference between funding and resubmission...or worse, giving up on a fundable project.

You now have the opportunity to improve your SBIR/STTR grant application scores by using an efficient Two Step Method. The Method utilizes current and extensive insider expertise to give you a decided advantage in the SBIR/STTR grant application process.

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