Techniques in Writing III


One of the key factors in getting your proposal funded is selling your idea to the reviewers. So, how do you sell your idea? There are many techniques for doing this.

Another important technique is to always put your ideas into the context of the broader picture and then drill down to the details.

A common mistake is for applicants to write their whole application like a marketing brochure, which by definition lacks details.

Make no mistake about it, the application is indeed a marketing tool; but it is just not a brochure. Your audience is looking for the meat in the application. So it is fine to start with broad generalizations, but then drill down to the facts that support the broad statements.

A good technique to use is to use your topic sentence of key paragraphs to give the bottom line of the paragraph. Then give a broad generalization to put the paragraph into context. Then drill down to the facts that lead to the final sentence of the paragraph. This final sentence should be a restatement of the topic sentence.

This technique gives you the highest probability that the reviewer will walk away with the right idea of the paragraph. Many reviewers will only remember the first sentence of a paragraph. If the bottom line is not there, then they will never get the point.

Have you ever gotten back a critique from a reviewer in which it appears that the reviewer never read the application? Everybody has. The above writing style is one technique that you can use to increase the chances that the reviewers will indeed get your point and understand it.

Use this technique to your advantage.

For more specific and additional information on this topic, click on this link: High Level SBIR/STTR Grant Writing Techniques.

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