Keep the Writing Simple


It is very important to write in a simple manner. Keep the writing level at an advanced high school level. This will help strained reviewers to stay focused on your application.

I have seen many applications of high significance fall short on scoring because they were written in a very complex manner. This complex manner of writing demands serious concentration from a tired reviewer. As much as the reviewer might want to do their best, the energy just is no longer there after already reading 7 other applications in a short time span.

The reviewers want to do a good job, but time is short and there are many demands upon them. Help your self and the reviewer by writing in an easy to read style.

We already know that everyone involved in the granting process is intelligent. There is no need to demonstrate it by writing in a complex manner. Keeping the writing simple will not reflect badly. The reviewer will be relieved that at last an applicant understands the situation.

The reviewer is looking for reasons to fund your application. If you make those reasons easily accessible, then you stand a higher chance of obtaining funding.

Try to keep in mind that people who understand a subject are usually the best at explaining the subject in simple to understand terms. You can get more complex in the methods section, but keep the Abstract, Specific Aims, Significance and Background, and Preliminary Studies sections as simple as possible.

By helping the reviewer understand your application, you will increase your chances of obtaining funding.

For more specific and additional information on this topic, click on this link: High Level SBIR/STTR Grant Writing Techniques.

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