Factors for Funding 


What is the number one factor in obtaining funding? The number one factor in obtaining funding is the balance between significance of your product, your writing, how you manage the review process itself, your experimental design, your team, and your tools. You want to maximize all of the above.

The intrinsic significance of your product is very important. If you will not improve something by at least an order of magnitude with your product or provide a product for an unmet need, then find another idea. Most applications provide good arguments and data that suggest this kind of significance.

The writing is key. You must present your information such that your ideas get across and the reviewer does not skim over your application. Be honest with yourself about your application. If you have a hard time reading over your own application, then the chances are high that the reviewers will skim over your application. This is one way that key points get missed. This is one of many reasons why you find the reviewers asking for information in their critique that was in the application. Also, make sure that you do not leave out key points that the reviewers will be looking for. This may seem obvious, but 40% of applications are missing such information, which is why they are unscored.

Of all the factors that contribute to your priority score, you have the least amount of control over the review process. However, you still have a great deal of control over this process. You must manage the review process to maximize your chances of success. You can manage the review process quite effectively by understanding all of the steps of the review process and knowing where, when, and how to apply the right kind pressure at each step.

Your experimental design is very important. The design must be logical, scientifically rigorous, and justifiable. All statistical tests must be mentioned.

The tools and the right team are easy enough to assemble. Make sure that you do this.

If you maximize all of these steps, you will always receive a fundable priority score. This is especially true because less than 1% of applicants do maximize these factors and 15% of Phase I applications of funded. 5% of applications have enough of these factors maximized such that they are sure to receive the best priority scores. This leaves a solid 10% of funding slots that are up for grabs by just significantly improving your application. All 15% are available if you maximize all of the above and it is possible to do so if you find the right guide and have the intrinsic significance, the methods, team, and tools to build your product.

If your application is ever unscored for any reason other than lack of intrinsic significance and you paid a fee for guidance, you deserve to have your full fee refunded. Improving applications is that easy, if you know how to do it.

For more tips, click on this link : High Level SBIR/STTR Grant Writing Techniques.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or go to SBIR-STTRgrantshelp.com.

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